Sustainable Practices

BLUE & MAY was created from a simple idea: to create high-quality and sustainable jewelry and accessories for women.

We produce in small batches with ethical facilities and independent artisans to effectively reduce waste, mindful of our environment, while simultaneously designing beautiful and timeless fashion pieces.

All our jewelry is created by independent women artisans and small-scale workshops in Argentina.  

The pieces are crafted carefully using local materials and time-honored skills.

For our clothing and accessories, we are committed to using only organic fibers and natural materials, paving the way for more progressive and conscious fashion pieces.

Our brand has developed long-lasting relationships with its suppliers from South America, and works to ensure that every artisan of its supplier is treated respectfully with fair wages and working conditions.

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We are always excited to have close contact with customers, share experiences with other vendors and work as a community. And we especially appreciate the feedback and the love we receive. Our goal is to make these unique handcrafted pieces more accessible to our BLUE & MAY community.